In today’s business landscape, outsourcing facility management services has become a strategic move for various reasons, with a primary focus on cost savings. An excellent example is ADP, which achieved a remarkable 7% reduction in facility management expenses over two and a half years by transitioning from an in-house FM team to a consolidated, outsourced program.

Now, let’s delve into five ways an external facility management team can enhance operations and drive cost efficiencies across your buildings, plants, campuses, or laboratories:

1. Lease Review:

As companies expand, lease review plays a crucial role requiring expert real estate talent. A proficient facilities partner can save you thousands by comprehending local market values, discretionary costs, and the various fees subject to negotiation. An outsourced partner will also manage key dates, records, and reports, ensuring a streamlined process.

2. Contract Administration and Procurement Services:

Beyond lease agreements, facility management services encompass vetting and administering all service contracts—from utilities to window washing to snow removal—preventing overlooked opportunities for cost savings. Collaborating with an established firm enhances your buying power and provides centralized reporting, allowing you to outsource procurement and leverage economies of scale for “soft” services like cleaning, security, or catering.

3. Space and Design Planning:

Optimal use of properties is essential to avoid unnecessary costs associated with poor layouts. Companies often overestimate spatial needs, neglecting factors like telecommuting and meeting patterns. Oversized cubicles, desks, and storage units can impede productivity. Expert facility management guidance ensures efficient workflows, eliminating unnecessary barriers between teams and departments.

Bonus: Facility management partners contribute significantly to sustainability initiatives, offering valuable knowledge on tax incentives, rebates, installation timelines, potential ROI, and more.

4. Preventative Maintenance:

Investing in preventative maintenance services is critical to avoiding downtime costs. Lifecycle management of critical equipment, documented work orders, and proper data archiving lead to successful preventative maintenance planning. Outsourcing support, especially for large and complex inventories, may be necessary, given the variety of computerized maintenance management systems available.

5. Outdoor Property and Landscaping Maintenance:

For companies with real estate portfolios, facility management services ensure safety and minimize upkeep costs. Grounds-based maintenance, similar to preventative maintenance for indoor systems, identifies and addresses small property issues before they escalate. Proper care of trees, shrubs, roofing, pavement, and parking garage structures prevents costly repairs and liability claims.

In conclusion, facility management services are an investment that more than pays for itself, particularly when partnering with the right team. Contact us at (508) 699-3630 or for expert guidance on maximizing your facility management budget. Good luck on optimizing your operations in 2024!