In the dynamic realm of office design, seek inspiration from home improvement shows for your next project. While HGTV’s swift transformations may not directly align with commercial office spaces, these valuable tips can elevate your office fit-out or tenant improvement (TI) endeavor.

  1. Explore Alternative Materials for Office Design:

Move beyond traditional choices like travertine or granite. Consider cost-effective alternatives with similar aesthetics and durability, such as plywood floors, cabinets, and concrete or butcher block counters.

  1. Embrace Salvage and Reuse in Office Decor:

Architectural salvage shops, eBay, and Craig’s List provide unique and sustainable materials. Picture a sliding barn door for your conference room entrance or antique tin ceiling tiles enhancing your office kitchen backsplash.

  1. Discover Budget-Friendly Lesser-Known Brands:

While premium brands like Kohler are renowned, explore lesser-known options offering attractive designs and durability at a lower cost. Improved quality across various faucets allows for cost savings without compromising on style.

  1. Practice Selective Interior Design:

Adhere to the timeless mantra of interior design—select a few “keynote” pieces that define your desired aesthetic. Let other finishes complement these focal points, resulting in a streamlined and cost-effective expression of your design vision.

  1. Optimize Office Space with Paint and Accent Lighting:

Enhance the ambiance without major renovations by using paint and accent lighting. Choose bright or bold hues from a paint swatch book to illuminate the space. Paired with decorative accent lighting, this strategy creates a well-lit atmosphere, even on the darkest days.

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