When winter descends with its icy grip, many businesses find themselves facing a unique set of challenges. Unless you own a ski resort or a roof rake company, an extra stormy winter is probably bad for business. The harsh elements, snow accumulation, and plummeting temperatures can disrupt daily operations, cause safety concerns, and lead to unexpected expenses. That’s why, at R&R Wolf Construction, we understand the importance of fortified severe weather planning to weather the winter storm. We’ll walk you through the essential steps to ensure your business is well-prepared, so you can navigate the winter season with confidence. Because when it comes to winter weather, paying attention to details can save you major headaches, both before and after the thaw.

  1. Snow and Ice Removal: Slick walkways and icy parking lots are huge business risks. Leaving your snow and ice removal plan to in-house teams may open the door to expensive lawsuits and business delays. Find a reputable, insured, snow-certified company for your snow removal and de-icing needs. It pays to have an integrated facilities management firm oversee the relationship for you.
  2. Ice Melt Products: Some methods of ice removal can do long-term damage to your property. Rock salt can penetrate certain paving materials and damage plants/soil quality. Ice melt products containing ammonium nitrate or ammonium sulfate are not recommended. Leave the job to a private contractor to avoid damage. Use spring months to look for plants that tolerate high salt levels better.
  3. Interior Surface Protection: Sand, salt, and chemical ice melt can do extensive damage to your interior flooring. Invest in heavy-duty floor mats, consider posting signage that asks visitors to wipe feet thoroughly, and for certain types of flooring, consider commercial waxing.
  4. Weather-proof Data: Ensure your IT infrastructure is prepared for winter and potential power outages. Back up all your files and update them regularly. Install surge protectors on your network appliances, and consider uninterruptible power supply (UPS) units for data protection.
  5. Communication Plans: Create a fool-proof communication plan with senior leaders and department managers. Employees should know when it’s safe to venture into the office and should have telecommute options in place for remote work.

By implementing these strategies, you can fortify your business against the winter’s fury and emerge on the other side unscathed. R&R Wolf Construction is here to guide you through all seasons, ensuring your business remains robust and ready to thrive in any weather. If you have questions or need more specific advice, please feel free to contact us at (508) 699-3630 or info@rrwolf.com.